The Sponsor Pack


The Sponsor Pack




If you believe in me and my message to the world of freedom, love and our true identity, then this is a great way to support getting that message out. I will be using 100% of the funds from this launch to getting this wonderful message out to more people. This endeavor costs money. I’d love your support to do it!

This bonus will get you listed as a Sponsor in the audiobook of the limited edition of “The Captain” and receive 12 copies to give to friends, family, and co-workers. To give this kind of support to a venture such as this, you must be a revolutionary!

I’ll also include you in “The Captain Private Facebook Page” where you can share your successes and struggles in a community of other supportive and like-minded seekers.

Plus, I will autograph one of the books and will send separately.

Plus, with your $180 contribution towards the getting the book’s message out into the world, I’ll also include an introductory coaching session designed to free you to go deep into your own Awakening. This session is called “The Hidden Splendor” session since it’s designed to bring out your hidden power that you’ve missed. I spent years as a transformational coach and teacher for fortune 500 companies and motivated individuals. I’m good at helping people discover their hidden strength and splendor. I’m available via phone, video call, or in person if you are in So. Cal. area.

Everything in the Sponsor Package

  • Heartfelt gratitude in supporting me!
  • Invitation to the Launch Party
  • 12 copies of the limited edition of “The Captain”
  • The e-book
  • 12 digital copies of the 10-hour audio book version with your name in it.
  • Facebook recognition
  • All the fame that comes from your name being in the book.
  • Access to The Captain Private Facebook Page
  • Listed as a Sponsor in the audiobook of the limited edition of “The Captain”
  • 1 of your copies will be autographed by the author.
  • Hidden Splendor 20 min. coaching session designed to reveal power within that you’ve missed.
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