The Captain: A Tale of Self-Discovery, Awakening and the Hidden Atlantis

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The Captain Audio Book by Jevon Perra

What’s The Captain about?

A mystical tale that unfolds the secrets of human existence. Adam flees his controlling family and unfulfilling religious career only to recreate his former prison on a tropical island. Maya’s search for love and belonging begins with hope but is soon crushed with rejection by those she trusts most. At the end of their ropes, they are surprised to find an unlikely, otherworldly guide that leads them to the enchanted lost city of Atlantis and the discovery of their unbelievable power. Their revelation reveals a blueprint to remove the painful limitations that have kept all Earth dwellers bound. Our hero and heroine find themselves immersed in a mysterious new world of awareness that reaches far deeper than they had ever imagined.

What people are saying:

​"A modern-day tale with a wild, intriguing twist, The Captain has the capability of freeing one from a mindset of limitation. The take-away for the reader will quite possibly be spiritual enlightenment that unleashes them from thinking inside the box when it comes to the ultimate destination of their soul/being."
"It feels good in the deep places of your soul to know that a book has met its generation... that it brings both a well-timed and timeless message. Adam’s journey is our journey. His questions are our questions. And his conclusions are what is possible for each of us. So dive in and find yourself able to breathe underwater... The Captain is for such a time as this."
"Jevon’s thirst to connect with Spirit and people has led him to discover the most precious treasures known to man, which are found in the pages of this book."

I’m excited for you to share this powerful story with me!

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