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Give up. Let go. Sink in. Be free.

Give up. Let go. Sink in. Be free.

Give up.

The American western culture has its basis in the idea that you are a special separate self that can and deserves to go into the world and get what you want. It tells you to never give up. It’s an optimistic, feel-good sentiment. The challenge is that this idea that you are a separate self is the root of all suffering. To find this truth, ask yourself, Who is chanting the mantra, Never give up! Within you? 

Take notice. You may find as I have that this is not you. It is what we will call the idea of you as a separate self, we will call this the ego. The ego is not a thing, it is more accurately the action of seeking and resisting. Thus the ego seeks but does not find in order to keep seeking since it must do so to exist at all. This is why happiness is fleeting by accomplishing the American Dream of having “the freedom” to get more and nicer stuff. Seeking and resisting life does not lead to happiness and freedom, it leads to the experience of suffering. This is true not because striving is bad, but because we have confused our identity in seeking and resisting. There is nothing else to do in the world except to seek and resist which seems appropriate, the key to be happy is to stay aware that you are none of it, and happiness and contentment come from Who you are, not attainment of what you seek, not successfully resisting what has been labeled bad. I have found that this labeling tendency humans have, “this is good” and “this is bad” is the very thing that distorts our ability to experience happiness, contentment and heaven itself. This makes our greatest work, not learning, but letting go of all we have learned (which is really all we have made up), and remembering all God has made and given and that we currently have and Who we currently are. 

Let go. 

Is letting go giving up our happiness? The ego will say yes, since it wants you to keep up the seeking and resisting. But no, on the contrary, letting go is the process and the only way to be consistently and permanently happy, content, at peace, in love. So what is letting go? All we are letting go is our judgments about meaning. We have decided what everything means. The Bible says man named all the animals, well he also named everything else in our made universe. The old saying goes after you learn the name of the flower you never see it again. Why is that? 

Naming is the way we attempt to make the infinite into finite bits we can control. It is the way we contain the Oneness of God into manageable packets. Naming is the same as placing meaning. We humans are meaning machines. Do a YouTube search for “Double Rainbow. What does it mean?” It’s a comical example of the Ego’s meaning machine we have submitted to. Here’s the truth, there is no fundamental truth in any part or even the whole of the apparent world of the human. It’s all made up. Nothing in the apparent universal means anything until I give it meaning. 

So why are we so committed to this meaning game? Naming and placing meaning are ways to stay separate. Separation is about survival of our separate self. Above all we desire to keep our separate self safe, but this really means to keep our separate self separate. This is why we fear death so much, or the idea of disappearing into the Love of God, because “what will happen to me?”. Being a separate self is the cause of guilt and suffering. Guilt is from feeling horrible about leaving the Oneness of God, which in essence is the main definition of God, Oneness. And if we have become a separate self, we have made two. And if we have made two, we have destroyed the Oneness, which means we have destroyed God. Thus we have an underlying guilt we cover up with projection onto others, seeking and resisting. Guilt and suffering drive our search for happiness and obsession with what everything means so we can manipulate it to get to what we want with the hope it will appease our nagging guilt. What we want is to be happy. The challenge again, is that the ego, the separate personality that has a name, cannot be happy, it can only search for happiness. Have you noticed that getting what you want doesn’t make you permanently happy? The Ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find” and its greatest fear is the Love of God. Why? Because Happiness, the Thing we most desire, is not something to acquire, it is Who you already Are. Every other search is an attempt to keep the separate personality alive, and of course special and most importantly separate, which again is the cause of our suffering. It’s pretty circular. It is quite the pickle. 

Sink In. 

What is the solution? More naming, more learning, more seeking, more activity, this is not the solution. All of these are not bad. Being a human is a wonderful experience that the beings of the universe marvel over. We are the amalgamation of heaven and earth, of spirit and light and animal. We are a wonderful for sure and this can be very fun to play with the experience. Yet, without the awareness of who you really are, all the activity ends up distracting you from the true happiness you seek. This Happiness is really awareness of Awareness, which is Who you are. This Awareness is perfectly content, wanting nothing. It eternally expands and gives, and wants nothing in return, because it cannot get anything, because it already has and is everything. This Awareness is perfect Peace, as it has never gone anywhere, has never left its home, which is where our idea of Heaven comes from. This Awareness is never far, so it cannot be searched for, since it is already here, it is already You. This Awareness is subtly pointed to every time we say, “I”, and then subtly covered up every time we add all the words after the “I”. How do I find this Awareness? The answer is not an adding of activity, but a taking away of it. The process is analogous to sinking into quicksand or Oobleck. I did an internet search for Oobleck, which is a suspension of cornstarch and water that can behave like a solid or a liquid depending on how much pressure you apply. Try to grab some in your hand, and it will form a solid ball in your palm until you release the pressure. The point is if you resist the Oneness of Reality, it creates the appearance of a solid thing. If you remove the resistance the solidness of all of life’s barriers fall away and we sink down into happiness. All of them! Give up all the seeking and resisting. Let go. Be free! 

Be Free. 

Freedom is a state of being, not an accomplishment or a destination. It is what we all want, but we create our own bondage by our continual mental activity that is spent on achieving freedom. Yet it is the very seeking and resisting activities we do that makes real the haze of bondage we experience. The answer though is not to work harder, or learn more, or be better, the answer is to let go of all ideas and judgements of yourself, and others and life and in that empty space look upon the world and the person that you thought you were with the eyes of Christ. Jesus looked at the cripple and saw wholeness. How? He was not confused with the idea of separate selves, he saw all as part of the One. For Jesus, the reality was we are all whole and healed because sickness is impossible. He said, “Your faith has healed you”, because the belief in sickness was how they could stay sick, and when they let it go and believed Jesus could heal them, it was already done. And more importantly, they were already “saved”, because just like the healing, they’d always been One with God, the separation was only an experience created in the powerful One Mind of God we all share. 

Other people, the world, the universe, and especially your special self, are all ideas within You. The you that has a name that interacts with a world that can give and take, that you is a character of habitual thoughts, feels and actions which you have identified with, but is not You. Much closer to say, You are the One Who watches. That One is free. This is the freedom I speak of, the One that can not be found or earned, because It is always and only Your true state of being. Only the personality, the body, can be bound within the appearance of a world. You cannot be found, because there is nothing “out there” to find. You cannot be bound, because there is nothing to bind. We get a glimpse of this Self when we are in the experience called ecstasy. Whether the impetus was from drugs, or sex or achievement, part of the experience of ecstasy is defined by being outside or not contained or isolated in your body. Unbound (disembodied) is your natural state when you release the confines of who you are and who your brother is. In fact your annoying, even dangerous brothers are maybe the best way to be free. It seems we have picked them as our greatest teachers in the greatest of schools.

You are currently enrolled in a high level curriculum to freedom. Your teachers are all the people that you think bind you, annoy you, enrage you, frighten you, etc. The reason all of these supposed bad guys are your teachers is they are revealing your beliefs that are the true enforcers of the prison you have made. 

The first step to freedom is seeing that I have made my world. If it is a heaven, or if it is a hell, either way, I have made it so by my beliefs. If I believe my brother is an enemy, my belief is projected out through the character I call myself and I experience fear/anger, and then onto my brother, and then I see the enemy. If I believe my brother is a friend, this belief is projected out through the character I call myself and I experience love/acceptance, and then I see my friend, my brother. 

The main confusion us humans commonly share is that you believe the character you play is the originator of these perceptions. This is not true. You are not the character you play in this world. Who is this character I speak of? The character has a name, a past, a supposed future, was born, will die, can take and gain and win in life, and can lose and suffer. In general the character is just recurring thoughts, emotions and actions. This is a monumental step to have the idea that you are not the character. The immediate next thought tends to be, “Who am I?” It is a miracle and a gift from God to come to the place where this question is important to you. To stay in this question, and sincerely asking Spirit for guidance, is all that is needed to be Free.

If I am not the character, then who am I? Imagine a theater where you can go and watch a movie. In my case my character’s name is Jevon. Imagine I sit down in the theater, the lights go out, and the movie starts. There on the screen, Jevon appears. As the movie unfolds I watch as he is born, grows and develops his personality, accomplishes things, loses things, and all his dramas unfold. If the movie I am watching is good, I get into it. I forget I am sitting in the theater and instead I am feeling the drama of the movie I am watching. I am scared with my character in the scary parts. I am angry with him at the horrible parts. I cry when my character cries, and I am happy when the character gets the girl, wins the pursuit and saves the day. But even though I can feel these things as I watch, who am I? Am I the character? No. I am the one in the theater watching the movie and enjoying every bit of the drama. The character is just one element of the movie that has been written already. You are not the character. You are not any part of the entire world depicted in the movie. You are the one in the theater, safe, complete and content. When the movie ends, you leave the theater and only the memory of the character remains. 

So who is this One in the theater? This is closer to the real You. Find that One. This One is experienced by letting go of all the ideas and judgements that you have made to stay separate. To experience this Self, the game is about letting go, not learning or achieving. Pray all day long, “Holy Spirit, help me to see as you see, and not with these eyes of judgment”. “Spirit, let me see the real world of peace and love, not the world I have made.” You have the habit of keeping yourself separate, and seeking and resisting all the time. Now to break that habit, don’t resist it, just start replacing it. Here’s some mantras to try out and add to your thinking that is making your world. 

Remind yourself as often as you can, 

“My brother is the same as me.” 

“We all just want to be happy, we are the same.” 

“They are doing the best they can with what they think they know.” 

Remind yourself, “The real self has all things, because it is all things. There is nothing to gain. I cannot lose. This being true, I want everything to be exactly as it is.” (Then go within and find the One that this is true for.)

Whenever your peace is disturbed and you suffering use this practice: 

  1. I forgive you for this offense. (to yourself, to another, to god, to objects, anything that you have offense against). 
  2. I forgive myself for judging you as offensive. My judgment make you my enemy or my brother, my attacker or my friend. If I let go (aka forgive) my judgment, what remains is what has always been, your true nature, Spirit, peace, love, joy. 
  3. I love you. Say it. If you have released your judgment, what remains is love. If you still have layers of judgment, when you say “I LOve you” to the offender (in your mind is sufficient), and it feels bad or inauthentic, then you know there are remaining judgments that have distorted your underlying Love. If that is the case, rejoice, and forgive that offense that you have just discovered as well, then forgive yourself for having the judgment, then be in love, and so on. Continue this until all that is left is Love. This Love is the stuff everything, including you, is made of, so once you discard all the debris you have spread around, you will discover it again. 

Here is a final practice I will give is to submit to your great teacher that has come for your freedom. Your brothers and sisters in the world are your greatest teachers. Especially the “bad” ones. If you see Spirit and love when you look at your brother, then you are in Spirit. If you see an enemy, or danger, or sickness, or a stranger, then you are in the ego’s separation spell. Face the ones you think are your enemies and attackers and forgive them, and forgive you and love (as outlined above), and if there is anything left forgive again. This is true from anything you consider “bad” and a source of your misery, or discomfort in any way. And your brother is the key to freeing yourself from the separate world of pain and suffering, because it is people that tend to hook us the most. When they draw out your frustration, anger, discomfort, or any other negative experience, rejoice as this gives you the chance to let it go (forgive it). That is why it is said you are the only one to bring salvation to your brother and unless they are saved you never will be. Why? Because there is a real world of peace and unity, but their damnation and separation are from my judgments. If I forgive them (let go of my judgments), they are then free in my apparent world, and then I am simultaneously free in my apparent world, and then there we are, both in Heaven… instantly in Love.

Free your brother, be free. 

Condemn your brother, be condemned. 

Give up your pursuits and resistance in the world. Let go of your many judgments. Sink in and surrender to life as it is, as it has been prepared for you and continue until you leave the world. Be free. 

Simple. Easy… as long as you let go.

Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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