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The Issue With Learning (Vs Knowing)

The Issue With Learning (Vs Knowing)

Learning: the futile attempt to know by cutting eternity into separate pieces.

Knowing: the experience of God and from God of Oneness.

When mankind looks out in the world he sees different, separate things to name, parse and describe. When Spirit looks into the world it sees sameness. It sees itself.

When mankind pears out she wonders how all the parts outside herself can be used to make things happen and benefit her separate self and her small group of separate selves. Spirit watches and Love extends to the apparent world without opinion of any apparent result, knowing all is One, and there are no separate results to be had by any one, as it has all things, and is all things.

When mankind pursues his goals, there is always contrast: stress and relief, dread and excitement, happiness and sadness, all the ups and downs as his perceptions tell him he is closer or farther from his goal of getting to “happy”, “contentment”. When Spirit extends, pursuing is not possible, neither gain nor loss is possible, nor is the excitement of gain, nor is the suffering of loss possible. The ups and downs of mankind is from believing in our separate special reality (the ego). All Spirit knows is Love, Contentment and Peace as the pain of being separate cannot be experienced with Knowing the Oneness of God. 

Man sees the body as a home to be cherished and kept safe. Man tries to make the body special and worthy of love, and he knows he is doing good by comparing his body with other bodies. Man thinks by taking from other bodies he can gain. And if another body takes his apparent body treasure, then he loses. Spirit sees the body as just a step down transformer, converting the high voltage of Spirit into something perceivable to the apparent world of man. Spirit only extends its Love. It goes in and through the body, but does not stop, it keeps going through all bodies, spilling into all things, until all of the apparent world is flooded with this Spirit/Love and saturated to the point of being an indistinguishable Love Mass. 

Learning happens by taking in outside sources and fitting them into your world. Learning comes from the activity of perception. Knowing is from letting go of learning and remembering you are already whole, at peace, content, and happy. Knowing comes from letting go of the activity of perceptions. Learning is layers of perception that cover your true identity. Knowing is letting go (forgiving) those layers (judgments) and discovering what you have always known, but have been distracted away from. 

Learning isn’t bad, it’s just a layer of your creation you can play with and discard when you are ready. Knowing isn’t good, it’s just who you are, there is nothing else possible. To label anything good or bad is a layer of learning that you may let go of when it no longer serves you. 

Learning tells you one way is best. Knowing is guided by an internal compass that results in feelings like the aftershock of an earthquake. Pay attention to your feelings as they are the pings on your radar that tell you where you are going in your created world. When you feel good, loving and connected you are releasing the constraints of the separate self, and sinking back into the Unity where you are from. When you feel bad, fearful and disconnected you are attached to your creations of the separate self and the separate world and further experiencing separation, which is the basis for what we call hell. 

So what do we do? 

Be still and know God. 

Learning is a taking-on and addition practice. Knowing is a letting-go practice. 

How much can you let go? In my experience, you can let it all go. It can be, and will eventually be the only practice that remains, until there is no thing left, except the God-Stuff-Love that started the whole show to begin with.

Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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