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jevon head shot bestAbout Jevon

At 5 years old he was seen wearing overalls and carrying bricks at the work site. His passion for real estate started there. Jevon Perra started his career in the real estate world with hands on experience building and remodeling multifamily properties for his family’s real estate business in in Southern CA. Jevon has evolved to being ranked as one of the Best in Lending and a Real Estate Broker that prides himself on being a rock for his clients, communicating every details and changing the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. He’s so proud of his 5 star customer surveys on Yelp and Zillow. It’s reaffirms his mission to change lives and be; “Your friend that Lends!”

Jevon is a builder certified lender and a residential home loan expert.

Jevon’s clients, realtor partners and builders love working him because he’s a rock. He does what he says, always. He’s a communicator. Good communication is mostly listening.  His of my clients feel heard and that they are being fought for. And Jevon Changes Lives. People give up on their dreams everyday. His job is to not give up on them. They may be getting the American dream of home ownership, or it may be just finding a friend.

Jevon has continued to be a top performing residential loan officer and has had the great opportunity to also trained leaders & managers in human behavior and communication at Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft and other fantastic companies. This experience in human behavior helps him to add value to his clients no matter the business situation.

Since his time in corporate training he has been working in finance and teaching spiritual principles whenever he gets the chance.


More tidbits about Jevon:

  • Jevon is the author of Experiment, The Captian, and The Choice. All can be found HERE

  • Started loans in 2003.
  • Born Riverside, CA March 14, 1976… back when it still was the 909
  • Webb City Junior High School in Webb City, MO. “Go Cardinals!”
  • Clovis West High School in Fresno, CA
  • Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, MO
  • Paid for college by his commercial window washing company, Mr. Squeegee
  • Goes to Fresno, CA for vacation, but lives near the beach
  • Advanced Coaching Master Certification from Center for Advanced Coaching
  • Trainer Certification for Fierce Conversations
  • Have the BEST siblings in the world [5 sisters and 2 brothers]
  • Art of Negotiation Certification
  • Negotiation Lab Certification
  • CROI Coaching Academy Coach Certification
  • Cried like a baby during The Notebook… just being real.
  • Minus Zero Fierce Coaching Certification
  • First favorite book was Wisdom Hunter by Randal Arthur
  • CA Broker’s License
  • Calvary Chapel School of Ministry
  • Almost fired once for anonymously giving away roses and cigars to my whole company and causing an uproar
  • Loves being a part of freeing others from their self-imposed limitations
  • Loves playing competitive sports, but doesn’t watch them
  • Very thankful

Some accomplishments:

  • Perra Consulting Group: Founder
  • CA Broker’s License
  • Center for Advanced Coaching: Advanced Coaching Master Certification
  • Fierce Conversations Trainer Certification
  • Alpha Assessment Certification
  • Art of Negotiation Certification
  • CROI Negotiation Lab & Art of Negotiation Certification
  • CROI Coaching Academy Coaching Certification
  • Minus Zero Fierce Coaching Certification
  • 20+ years of speaking, teaching and coaching
  • Top Producing Salesman in Real Estate and B2B Sales
  • Calvary Chapel School of Ministry



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