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Dark & no path

Ashes to beauty. A light of hope in ashes from the loss of #Kobe Bryant? 
“Go where it is the darkest and there is no path.”
This is what the knights of the round table where told when instructed to find the holy grail. 
Why would your hold grail be there? 
Well, for starters the well lit and well trodden paths are already “figured out”. You are no longer curious and open to new when it’s already figured out, it’s just unconscious action. 
Death has a way of breaking us out of unconsciousness. 
So here we are, awake and looking around. Don’t waste this because it’s so easy to go unconscious again. 
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The Captain 
“Life Experiment”    
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Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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