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Mother Teresa asked her thoughts on Gay People

Mother Teresa was asked in an interview what she thought of gay people and she said, “oh you mean blessed children of God?”

The interviewer said, sure. Yes what do you think about gay people? She said, “oh, you mean blessed children of God?”

It was then that the interviewer was picking up that she was only going to consider all people in one way, blessed children of God.

What are the identities you have given yourself to? Said different, who are you?

Does you identity support you to love abundantly and receive love freely and let go of all else?

If not consider switching up who you say you are.

This book The Captain is a book on identity. It is a wonderful tool on letting go, and receiving a new one that would serve you better.

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Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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