Tear life down to receive it.

Tear life down to receive it.

A child enjoys tearing down the sand castle as much or more than he did building it.

When we can hold our creations and life as a whole just as lightly, instead of fearful protection, life tends to get better.

Watch more: https://youtu.be/ScoE04qGhVM

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Jevon Perra

Since 1995 Jevon Perra has been helping individuals and organizations get results as a human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor and performance coach. Jevon is a professional at getting individuals and organizations to the results they want. He has extensive experience in leadership development, sales coaching and personal coaching. Jevon has worked with businesses from start-ups to established corporations. Education and Background • Center for Advanced Coaching: Advanced Coaching Master Certification • Fierce Conversations Trainer Certification • Alpha Assessment Certification • Art of Negotiation Certification • Negotiation Lab Certification • CROI Coaching Academy Coach Certification • Minus Zero Fierce Coaching Certification • 16 years of speaking, teaching and coaching • Top Producing Salesman in Real Estate and B2B Sales • CA Broker’s License • Missouri Southern State University • Calvary Chapel School of Ministry

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