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What’s the message / blessing of Coronavirus

What if Coronavirus is a message. What would it be saying?
Yes, be prepared, wash hands, social distance, stay hydrated, and CDC suggestions to prevent faster spreading. 
And then, in the stillness that quarantine may be providing, your lessons will arise from your own source within. 
Is death the end?
What is death?
Do I go on when the body passes?
If death is inevitable and I cannot numb the fear of it because it’s in my face, what do I do now? who am I now?
In this time of unrest know that a new normal will return. 
Don’t miss your current lessons that are so willing to bless you now. 
Don’t return to the numb slumber that made up the former “normal” life. 
Now is the time to evolve and remember that you are not your body, you are eternal. 
Be kind to your brothers and sisters. We are all in this together. 
Blessings to you in this transition. 
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Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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