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Heart Head Hands living

Morning meditation: Heart Head Hands – HHH Living
“The fruit of your labor is none of your business.”
HHH can be a wonderful model to do life. Keep your focus on your heart. In your mind’s eye bring your awareness from your eyes, or your head or thinking and bring in down and “swallow it” all the way down to your heart. Then from your heart send out awareness and interact from that place, from that filter. After achieving this perspective, this resonance, things will occur to you. Only then go back to your head and reason how and what you will do. Once you know how and what you will do then use your hands and do that. Heart centered living like this makes even doing the “wrong” things into the “right” things because the energy behind it is light and loving and you’ll create what will support your intention. This is because intention is more powerful than “doing” in the world of manifestation. The HHH method has a clear focus of loving intention, by the time it gets to what the 3D world sees as doing, the work is already done. Also, the reward is already received. The manifestation, or creation of the ‘thing’ is not the reward. The reward is engaging and resonating in love and light.
My history has been to reason and think my way through life. This is not a bad way, it’s just a slower way to realization. I feel the process of reasoning in my prefrontal cortex, right behind my forehead. I take that awareness of reasoning and in my mind’s eye move it down to my throat, and swallow it until it gets to my heart. At first this was all a mental exercise, but then sensations turn on to feel the process all the way down and the heart expands once the heart’s reasoning and perception function is turned on to be the first responder, as opposed to the afterthought responder. From hear my heart stays “lit up” and I feel it. When I notice my attention is back in my head (for me in that place behind my forehead) I gently bring it back down and swallow it again to my heart and feel the heart re-engage. I do this as many times as it takes. The reward of this is the process itself and feeling the heart engage back on as the first responder. I feel my heart expand and turn and pulse in new ways. Then things occur to me. “Do a video about intention”. Ok heart. At this point I will turn on my mind on how I will structure that video. Then I will go to my “hands” and sit in a quiet place, record myself talking, edit the video and post it. My reward or fruit from this labor is not the finished video or what the video does for others or people’s opinion of the video. My reward is resonating in the loving place of my heart. The fruit of my labor is none of my business. If I try to take the fruit of this labor it takes me out of that heart space which is detrimental to my ascension to love and light. Counterintuitively, it is much easier to receive the fruits originally longed to attain after the attachment to them is surrendered and the higher desire of love and light takes priority.
This does not mean you don’t strive and make things happen in the world. This does mean you surrender the results of your striving. The results are none of your business if you are to live in love and light. Jesus said this more concisely when he said in Matthew 6:33, Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added to you.
Make your intention goodness and love and do the next thing. Let the fruit of that action be an offering of love to the world. Then let it go. It’s not yours. If you do this, you will accomplish the miraculous and have a pleasant journey. If you try to control and keep the fruit of your labor, you will suffer.

Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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