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How to get over the Coronavirus

Anyone scared of the coronavirus? ?

here’s how to prepare ⛑ for this or any sickness. It’s a wonderful regimen to pump up ?? your immunity for your body to fight back ?? anything.

What to get:

1) N-A-C ( N-acytl-cysteine)

If you start seeing a lot of people getting sick around you, I would start taking the NAC daily, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

If you do get sick, double or triple the dose.

2) Difise these into the air. Hotbox your house with all these! Either with a nebulizer or an ultrasonic diffuser like this;

then add these anti pathogens;

– colloidal silver

– tea tree oil

– oil of oregano

– and eucalyptus oil.

Essential oils are safe for humans, but can be toxic to pets, so its best to not run it in areas your pets are.

Add these to the water in the diffuser, and put a sheet or towel over your head and breath it in, do it as much as needed to stop the virus. You can put it in your bed room at night and just let it run with the doors and windows closed, and this will concentrate it. This should be good for kids as well.

For the essential oils, Do 10 drops each oil is a good start, adjust it from there.

3) Add a quality vitamin C with bioflavinoids, it helps your body heal itself.

Here’s some good vitacost nutrients to use;

– NAC: You can get the NAC on amazon or go to whose products are high quality and reasonable price, they deliver quickly. this is the N-A-C I use. follow directions on the NAC, but make sure you take it on an empty stomach.

– VITAMIN C: this is the Vit C I use.

– OREGANO: this is one of the best oil of oregano that I know of.

or its a lot cheaper.

– SILVER: (natural antibiotic) this is a high quality colloidal silver, but of course you can go to Amazon and find one with a high rating.

– TEA TREE OIL: Tea tree oil, high ratings on Amazon is always good, and NOW brand is always excellent for a reasonable prices.

Got this from my chiropractor who is Amazing btw if you want one! DAVID PHILIPSON,D.C. Find him here

Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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