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Interview w joe and Denise on architecture of love

Check out this interview with author Denise Darlene Paulicivic and Joe Paulicivic to know what The Architecture of Love workshop is all about!
You don’t want to miss this one! 
Feb 15 10am – 2pm. HB, CA at The Gazebo venue at Bella Terra mall. RSVP with the link below!

Watch here

Find Denise Darlene’s book Real Passion Revolution here

See what Joe and Denise’s Real Passion Revolution is about there:

#lovewins #realpassioinRevolution #architectureofLove #love #selfAwareness #relationships #conflict #awareness

Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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