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NonLinear Accomplishments

I was listening to Bentinho Massaro on following your bliss. It is like following a breadcrumb trail. This bread crumb trail of bliss is the way that you can experience the end result success now, instead of going through the normal linear, traditional step-by-step trail of hard work for decades to have a desired result in the future sometime, maybe.


The masses only know of the normal linear hard work and toil way but that isn’t the only way. The other way that feels like success from the beginning to the end is the nonlinear way of following your breadcrumbs of bliss as they appear. This is doing the thing that feels great and that you resonate with most with next. Then after that, you do what feels great and resonate the most with again.Then after that, you do what feels great and resonate the most with again, and so on.


Tuning into this process allows you to be helped by the power that sustains the universe and makes all things available now. It’s a serious shortcut to success.


As you are guided by your bliss, you will notice that the next thing to do and who you choose to be may be very different from what you have done, or who you have been. This is a good thing. And here’s a couple things to consider when coming up with former contracts and commitments that you have made that may feel constricting you instead of supporting you.


  1. It’s important to honor and respect other people’s free will. There is more than enough available in infinity for everyone to have what they want. Just keep your eyes on your own fries, continue to move forward to your next bliss and remember that you are just in charge of you. Other people’s happiness is not your business. It is always in your best interest to love others the best you can and to give the best you can, and your happiness and experience right now is your job, not others. And others happiness and experience is their job and not yours.
  2. When you come up to contracts and commitments you have made that do not seem to support you, it’s best to open up a dialog with the one whom you have committed. Lead with your vision and invite the other party to participate in this wonderful new world that you have created. Lead with describing your bliss and why it’s so important and joyful for you. You may be surprised to find that the contract and/or the relationship is happily changed as you have new converts that now get to be on the bliss bus with you for their own sake. This works way better than just telling someone they suck and you are going to fire them and to lose your number.
  3. If the other people don’t want to get on your bliss bus, you can also renegotiate whatever spoken or unspoken contract or commitment. Since we are only in charge of our own bliss, happiness, and evolution, it’s no problem for others to stay put or revert in growth as we continue to fine tune ourselves to higher and higher versions. It is truly a service to yourself and others to be independent of the opinion of any kind from another. This allows you to love and serve God and man no matter how the fickle crowd of spectators shows up. You are good. You can happily keep trucking down the way in the bliss bus doing the next thing.
  4. Sometimes the relationships and assignments you have had will not partake in your wonderful life you have and are not be ok with your lack of participation in your old life with fear and regret. They will not have you releasing all fear, regret, obligation, scarcity, and beliefs in lack. In those cases know you are always free to keep moving to the next thing, even when others are not willing to come. The reality is that you can never be separated from each other or from God or from abundance, but it can sure feel like it in the moment. So be brave and keep trusting your bliss. Like the course in miracles says,

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”


Here’s a great spot to pose a question for you.

“How do you know you have got what you wanted?”


Interesting question right. You may think, “Well, everyone knows what they want.” If so I disagree.


THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Imagine you instantly have $100,000,000 in your bank account. Now you have no money problems. Now imagine you buy everything you’ve ever wanted. You have cars, houses, jewelry, whatever. Now imagine you are in the most famous crowds since you have the money to get in there. Now imagine you’ve traveled the world to your fulfillment. You’ve seen it all. Ok, now that that’s done, what now?


What you would do after you’ve done all that and have no limits is closer to what you really want. Most people never go this far. They get stuck on, “Uhhhh, Well if I could I’d like a nicer car”. The lack of specificity and limited possibility in this kind is very revealing. If that’s you PLEASE take some time and actually do that $100,000,000 thought experiment and get past all that stuff that little value so you can get quickly to the stuff that will bring much more fulfillment for you. So…what would you do?


Again, this is not what you really want, but it’s a good start. Whatever that is, START NOW! After I did this experiment I realize I would write down my beliefs and ideas that have brought me such freedom and bliss. So here I am feeling awesome like a super rich guy just doing my thing since I AM.


If you didn’t catch it, even your “thing” or “things” from the experiment are not what you really want. You’ve been patient so I’ll finally reveal what you really want. What you really, really, really want is not all the stuff. What you really, really, really want is to feel good.


How will you know that the car is the right car? You’ll feel good. But then when you start to think about it and realize there’s a newer better car, then you start to feel bad. You feel bad and then you are off to find the other thing that will hopefully make you feel better. How will you know when you are successful in life? Well, you will land the job, you reach the income level, you stock up the retirement account and then you will feel good. But if you get there and find that you still don’t feel good, well back to the races for you. You obviously need more to be able to finally shake feeling bad and get to feeling good.


If what we really want is to feel good, why would you ever wait?


If you could feel good now, what would you do differently and who would you be?


This now begs the question,

“How do I feel good now?”

This brings us right back to nonLinear accomplishment. Our feelings are really a guidance system that we come with. It’s how we are to navigate while we are here. Feelings are not meant to define us, they are meant to guide us to the next step as master creators, just like Papa Creator. We are a chip off the old block. If we are open to change and allowing source power to guide our feelings are God’s way of playing the “Hot and Cold” game with us. You know that game where there is something that is hidden, and there is a guide that knows where it is. The guide says “hotter” when you are getting closer to it, and “colder” when you are moving away. How fast can you find things that way? Real quick! That’s how fast it can be with us if we listen. There is an element of learning to tune ourselves and realigning ourselves along the way too. Just like your taste buds change as you grow older, what makes you feel good as you evolve will too. Don’t judge this though. Just dive in. Some may take longer than others, but getting that car moving is going to make whatever your timeline formerly was, much shorter to get to “happy” faster.


So how do I feel good now? You realize that you have already made it. All that you need for life, friendship, significance, fulfillment or contribution is all here now. It’s always here now. So look around you and notice how everything has been moving forward just fine while you were freaking out and were a stress ball about silly things that never happened. It all worked out. Everything will all work out. You made it. Feel good now. Smile.


So now what?


Now you do the next thing. Follow your bliss. You will become more in tune with this guidance as you practice. This is the way you go from an unknown author, artist, philosopher or whatever to a world sensation. This doesn’t work linearly. It only works when you can tap into our infinite resources that are not limited by the linear. This is a great way to have your “rags to riches” story, but whether you get to the riches doesn’t ever matter. Because you are happy now and then you keep doing the next thing. And if you can have fun in the process while you make the riches, then do that too.



Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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