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The Captain synopsis

Have you wondered what my book The Captain is about?

Well wonder no longer. Here’s the perfect synopsis.

The Captain: A Tale of Self-Discovery, Awaking and the Hidden Atlantis is an inspirational allegory of finding purpose and power hidden in our hearts which emerges through the help of an extraordinary guide and a visit to the lost and mysterious world of Atlantis. The book entertains while delivering profound life lessons about purpose, existence. It’s lessons and examples of our true nature and forgotten abilities come from real accounts of historical spiritual masters.

Our story is of two parallel lives. Young and ambitious, Adam flees his controlling family and religious career to find fulfillment on a tropical island, only to be met with the same internal disappointment. Lovely but fearful, Maya’s search for love and belonging is crushed with rejection by the man of her dreams. At the end of their ropes, they are surprised to separately find an unlikely, otherworldly guide, The Captain.

Maya’s life starts with the death of her father and then new stepfather, which creates her belief of a dangerous world that must be feared. Attempting to protect herself, she habitually winds up in bad relationships. Her marriage to Jack, who abuses and rejects her confirms her worst fears. Maya’s next Mr. Right is the catalyst for her to meet The Captain.

The Captain reveals himself to be all powerful, yet completely submitted to his beloved leader named The Deep One. The Deep One has been directing The Captain to be secretly preparing Maya and Adam for a sacred meeting. By using a forgotten and guarded practice the Captain brings each of these characters to the enchanted lost city of Atlantis.

In this sea-buried city they rediscovery their forgotten powers. Adam and Maya’s separate lives unfold side-by-side but are strangely connected. Under The Captain’s influence Adam becomes a worldwide spiritual and political leader yielding incredible power but he’ll leave it all for the chance to return to his origins, the world of Atlantis. Maya realizes she is now totally able to receive all that life presents to her and she’s ready to help others achieve the same ability.

Both characters want nothing more than to leave this surface plane and go back to Atlantis, yet it’s here that they gain revelations and the blueprint for humanity’s fulfillment and destiny. They learn how to remove the painful limitations that have kept all Earth dwellers bound while immersing in a powerful new world of awareness that reaches far deeper than they had ever imagined.

What ancient secrets for humanity will The Captain reveal? Is the lost city of Atlantis really lost, or just hidden? Will Maya and Adam ever find each other?

In the end, Maya and Adam’s connection is far past a suspected earthly romance – its is\ eternal. Readers will discover how they can also attain a steady and strong intuition that frees their spirit to find ultimate purpose and peace.

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Jevon Perra

Jevon Perra: Spirit seeker, Light worker, healer, human behavior teacher, speaker, pastor, coach.

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